Carrelet is a flexible content management system that enables you to build your website using our website. Once you have logged into our server, using nothing but a normal browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, you can start adding the first pages to your site in a matter of minutes. You can modify your site as often as you like, and the changes are 'published' at once on the Internet.

Because Carrelet is hosted on our professionally maintained servers, you don't have to worry about installing software, transferring files or making backups, and you are not tied to any particular computer. You can add a page from your place of work during your lunch break, modify it from a cybercafé on the way home and upload a photo from home.

Carrelet helps you to build a professional-looking site by keeping styles consistent across pages, and by generating the navigation menus for you. But you can also change the layout, colour scheme, text size and fonts on a page by page basis.

Carrelet allows you to input information in several different ways:

You decide on the best format to use on a page by page basis.

Carrelet includes an image library that lets you sort your images by category and add captions. Images can be included anywhere in your pages, at several different sizes.

As well as producing pages of text and images, Carrelet can also produce enquiry forms or arrange your information like a simple database.

For larger projects, Carrelet can split your site into several layers, with an integrated navigation system, with each layer being administered by a different user.

Carrelet can add email forms and guestbooks with a few mouseclicks: you don't have to worry about scripts, forms or cookies!

Carrelet gives you detailed control over the meta-tags used by search engines, to make your site easier to find.

Carrelet can be customised to meet your organisation's needs. We can design page templates and colour schemes to your specification and help to port existing documents into the program to get you started.

Carrelet can also be integrated into a conventional website, thus offering a zero-hassle way of adding user-maintainable areas to a static site.