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Email forms and guest books

Carrelet can add an email form or a guest book to any page. An email form enables anyone to send you an email, without publishing your email address on the Internet, and whether or not they are using their own computer. A guestbook allows people to make comments on your site, and can also be used as the basis of a simple 'blog'-type site, where people discuss whatever you put on the page.

Go to Edit page 1, and find the row labelled add. There are two check boxes, for email forms and guest books respectively. Tick one or the other and then click 'modify' at the bottom of the page. Reload page 1, and you will see a form at the bottom of page 1.

Note that only the forms themselves are produced: you need to explain what visitors are supposed to do in the text you enter into body text.

The information typed into the email form will be sent to the email address you specified in the global settings (Haz clic aquí). Carrelet provides various tools for managing guest books: please see the user manual for more details.

Carrelet -> Support -> Tutorial